Producer I Presenter I Model


Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Ella and I’m a London-based filmmaker, model and presenter.

I’ve been working in the advertising and television industry for about ten years. As a film producer, I focus on stories that are mindful of contemporary audiences and bring to the screen diversity. I am particularly interested in raising awareness of gender inequality, migration subjects, environmental issues and mental health problems.

Also, this year I’m working on a new podcast called Music Is My Medicine. I’ll be interviewing musicians who use music as a platform to channel their innermost thoughts and emotions. Hope you’ll find their stories inspiring! Podcast will be available this Autumn on iTunes and Spotify.

In addition to my production career, I am passionate about promoting human rights. In 2012 I co-founded The 88 Project which advocates for Vietnamese activists who are persecuted because of their peaceful dissent. This year we are releasing an interview series with female activists. You can watch all videos here.

Last but not least, recently I’ve been rediscovering my old passions, modelling and dancing. You can view some of my recent shots in the portfolio section. More coming soon!