Dear filmmakers,
We are casting for our new short film, “Dad”.
Please see the details below.
Production title: Dad
Genre: Drama
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Production location: London
Production Company: South East Productions
Director: Magda Olchawska
Producers: Ella Gancarz, Marek Olchawski
Audition Location: London
Shooting Location: London
Compensation: dependent on experience
Auditions: Starting 05/05/2017
Shooting: 08/07/2017
“Dad” is a story about Jo, an unemployed man who struggles to maintain relationship with his little son after divorce.
Gender: male
Playing age: Late 30’s – early 40’s
Height: any
Appearance: Pretty athletic (knows how to kick football), English/Irish/Scottish/American (native speaker), white Caucasian, dark/grey hair.
Special requirements: Must have experience working with children
Gender: female
Playing age: 30’s
Height: any
Appearance: Any origins, doesn’t have to be a native speaker, European actors welcome.
Special requirements: Must be able to speak with Spanish accent, working with children experience desirable
Gender: female
Playing age: late 30’s early 40’s.
Height: any
Appearance: Attractive, confident, good-looking woman, doesn’t have to be a native speaker, European actors welcome, able to speak with an Eastern European accent.
Special requirements: Working with children experience desirable
If you’re interested, please submit your showreel via my contact page: