My Role: Producer/Director
Genre: Short Thriller
Premiere: 2016

Night Drive is a short psychological thriller set in London. It’s a character study of Karen, a middle-aged woman who loses everything that matters to her, a good job, the person she loves and hope for the future. The only thing she has left is to take a revenge on Michael who’s responsible for everything.

On her last day, Karen packs her belongings into a box, ready to leave the heartbreak behind her and move on. She leaves the office late that night and climbs into a taxi. During the journey home, Karen falls asleep and starts an oneiric conversation with the driver. Initially casual dialogue turns into a painful interrogation about her life. The taxi driver accuses Karen of planning to murder Michael. A gun in her box confirms her real intentions. But is it only a dream?


Awards & Screenings

2017 Finalist at the Muybridge Short Film Festival
2016 Public screening at The Rose Theatre, Kingston